10 Hour

A series of lap count challenges organized by IEST (耐力學社). Next upcoming up is Feb 3, Saturday, 8am-6pm at Castle Peak.


Rationale of 10 Hour

There lacks distance test in the ultra running market. We only find less than 20% distance tests in the world and 5% in Hong Kong. Most existing distance tests (e.g. 24 Hour) take place in a flat sports ground. As ultra trail runners, we try to come up with an exercise/ race that minics the trail's condition but removes nuances of trails, e.g. terrain condition/ supply plan. The 10H Series is good for self-supported virtual "races" for one to collect data about one's cardio capacity. We also occasionally organize physical 10H races for ultra runners to gather and chat with each other. All the 10H races only designate two check points (CP0 and CP1). One can figure out their own way to go between the two points. Most 10H races have lap distance of 5K-10K, with a cumulative asent of 5%. CP0 is usually selected at a public transport hub with shops around, so one can refill water / food every lap. Find more background story and runner's testimonial here.



Discovery Bay Valley Road -- CP0 is at DB Pier. CP1 is at Valley Road cross reservoir (near Il Picco). One lap is estimated 4.5K and 170m D+. Self support with many choices: 711 / OK/ MarketPlace/ McDonald around pier. There are two major route connecting CP0 and CP1. One can choose between concrete slope and trail + stairs.



Quarry Bay -- CP0 is the Quarry Bay Sports Centre. CP1 is the Mount Parker Route Surveillance Radar Station. One lap is 10K and 500m D+. The course is fully runnable up and down with friendly elevation and concrete surfaces. QB Sports Centre also provides bag storage and shower.



The Peak -- CP0 is Hong Kong Park. CP1 is The Peak. There are 5 major alternative routes connecting the two points so runners do not get bored on this challenge. There are water taps near high west and natural spring near herbal garden.



Castle Peak -- What does it take to go between Heung Hoi Ming Shan Memorial Archway and The Castle Peak Transmitting Station? Expect 460m elevation gain in a distance of only 2.8km . This race does not allow poles to ensure safety for other hikers. Those who finish 10 laps can also log their challenge in the wall of fame of Half Everesting

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